How to do black magic

Black magic has existed since the dawn of time, we found traces in the prehistoric era where we found sticks with inscriptions that showed the power of wizards. In ancient times, negative energies and evil spirits were invoked by incantations intended to do evil.
In the end, is black magic still relevant? Yes.

Black magic is the use of Qi (energy) for negative, selfish, personal purposes or to harm others, voluntarily or not. A person practicing black magic only cares about his own interests (money, revenge, personal ambitions, manipulation)

We all generate black magic, and very often, the followers who are initiated there do not know how to control it. It is a very powerful tool, its strengths are as great as impenetrable. In the field of magic, everything is about intentions. If they are good, we speak of white magic, if they are bad, it is about black magic.

There are 3 kinds of dark magic:

  • Selfish desires
  • Harm others willingly
  • Harm others unintentionally

Selfish desires

We are all in the desire, from morning to evening and from evening to morning. Working for who ? What? Very often our ego. But this one should just serve humanity and spirituality. Our concept of morality is deficient, we are all so sure of doing good in the world whereas in most cases our goal is just to increase our power.

The loss of discernment in my desires causes damage to my environment. I must never lose sight of the fact that the more power and Qi I have, the more I become responsible for my actions and words.

The beginning of black magic is when you interact negatively on the world. It is important to work the virtues before gaining power. It's fundamental. To be virtuous, I do not have to bend the world to my wishes because then I am disrespectful. I am just a guest in our world.

Harm others willingly

This is the image of Epinal, the voodoo doll, the needles in the puppet, the rusty nail under the bed, the owl, the lock of hair soaked in blood, the Brazilian bracelet given with bad intention. The individual charges an energy object, negatively oriented, to harm.

Black magic has evolved, before it was local, in the countryside, now it is also in town and is transcontinental. In the tradition, it was the ancients who practiced it, now they are the youngest and they are clearly less "wise", not having enough experience and lacking experience. I do not have to go to regions with a strong black magic tradition if I am weak, tired or fragile.

It can be scary but we are all good enough to counter it positively. In the same way, it is easy to get rid of it, it is less powerful than before, because the strength of the followers has decreased. The real cases of black magic are rare nowadays.

In the end, believing yourself bewitched is more dangerous than the magic itself. This can lead to madness, everything is interpreted paranoid, the reading of the world is skewed. Some people go from one désenvouteur to another, it gets worse, fear increases.

How to act with an object envouté? Wash it, hold it in his hands, and put a positive intention on it. Do not attach importance to the spell because then it is fed, better to radiate.

Darkness is not darkness, just put the light.

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