How to make white magic

How to make white magic to find love, attract luck or attract money quickly? First of all, what is white magic and what is black magic?Read this article and I hope it will bring you useful information.

As you will understand in this article, there may be people around you who claim to be practicing white magic or doing dark magic and you may be impressed by that. It is precisely on this powerful impression on your subconscious that lies the real power of this kind of esoteric practice. It is precisely the power of suggestion, of a form of hypnosis and self-hypnosis once the suggestions of magic white magic or black magic are accepted by your unconscious mind, your subconscious.

how to do white magic

White Magic Protection Ritual

The best way to protect yourself from black magic is simply to cling to the strongest handle that is God. If you cling to God relentlessly, nothing and no one will be able to do anything against you because you will be under the protection of the living and eternal God. Nothing and no one can hurt you if you are with God. All the people who will wish or will try to harm you, any harm it will pay him of their life right away. Because all their magic turns against them.

Pray your God, pray to the eternal, you will be under his guidance and protection. He will guide you and remove from you all those evil and ill-intentioned people who are the embodiment of the Devil and the devil's friends.

Learn the eternal truths of the universe, read the holy and sacred books that will be for you a bulwark and a guide that will guide you so that on your way shines the light.

Learn the eternal and immutable truths of your mind and your brain because it is also knowledge and knowledge that will take you from ignorance to wisdom and holiness.

White magic or black magic is nothing more than the use of the forces of the spirit and the universe to do good or evil, but magic is not a secret jealously guarded by insider nicknames. . Some create a whole belief system and most of all use people's ignorance, low mindedness and lack of knowledge of people to operate their mental manipulation on a large scale sometimes.

There are many countries where popular beliefs continue to exist despite knowledge, knowledge and wisdom. All the countries devastated by this type of customs are in darkness and can not leave them until they continue to act in this way.

Ritual of free white magic

If you want to know how to solve your financial problems , lovers or professional, know that magic is not the miracle solution. Saying that your little ritual works, you will not solve the problem because the cause of your problem will always be present in your mind and sooner or later you will be faced with the same problem that will probably be much more complicated to solve this time.

Remember that white magic is just one way to make positive suggestions to your brain and your subconscious that will react based on the suggestions you unconsciously accept. Potentially this kind of practice is dangerous because you use and start up universal forces that you do not understand and control. Learn how the subconscious works and I guarantee you that you will stop having false God such as magic, the divination arts and other esoteric practices.

White magic is nothing but the art of knowing how to use your subconscious , the problem with magic is that you stay in the darkness, the darkness and meanders of your subconscious mind. To become a master of life and your life, read first of all the best-selling book by Dr. joseph Murphy that will enlighten your lantern and make you aware of your true personal power.

Ritual of white magic to get money

If you absolutely want to learn how to make white magic to make money and you believe so deeply in this kind of practice, then you can dig up the "magic talismans", the gray-grays, the lucky doors that are supposed to get you money or wealth.If you want to know more about the true workings of happiness, I suggest you go read the Jewish lucky page or lucky Chinese where you will discover how to attract money in abundance with the law of attraction. When you crystallize a thought in your subconscious mind using white magic or amulet then you unconsciously focus and focus all your energy and attention toward a specific goal and purpose that drives realization. But as you begin to understand or already understand it, white or black magic causes events and effects because you indirectly use your mind and the driving forces of the universe. If you have not yet downloaded and read the Guide to the 12 Secrets of the Law of Attraction, fill out the form immediately to have your free copy. Read and you will see that the outcome of your reading you will already understand better how to make money quickly in your life because you understand that everything depends on you and your dominant thinking.